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About - John Wolf


John Wolf is a global art advisor based in Los Angeles. He founded John Wolf Art Advisory & Brokerage in 2009 to assist private collectors, institutions, and corporations in creating outstanding collections of contemporary art. He specializes in taking the extra time to demystify and educate clients about all aspects of the art market. Outside of traditional art advisory & brokerage, Wolf consults the interior design trade and curates exhibitions. He has spoken on panels at Art Miami, Art Silicon Valley, produced exhibitions at 4619 in Los Angeles, and is on the council at LACMA. He received his BBA in International Business and Art History from Baylor University.

“To collect with long-term value in mind, advisory is essential”

- John Wolf

About - John Wolf


One should purchase art because it is loved. It is beautiful. It evokes passion. It inspires generations to achieve, worlds to develop, and ideas to change. The primary focus of a collection is the passion, intellectual curiosity, and respect for the artwork. As an aside, it can bring great financial returns. But, to collect with long-term value in mind, advisory is essential: Navigating the nuance and vicissitudes of the art market requires adherence to strategy and an in-depth knowledge of the field.

About - John Wolf

Curatorial Process

A major function of this day-to-day operation involves relationships, education, and dialogue. The art world is a vast, opaque landscape that requires years of experience, knowledge, and a grasp of often very esoteric information. We are constantly working to build relationships with museums, galleries, artists and fellow advisors to provide the best to recommendations for strategic, curatorial-based acquisitions. Our focus is to develop a strong consultant client relationship to craft and then adhere to a defined collecting goal. We want each client’s collection to reference his or her personal history and family’s future path.

About - John Wolf


With a strong specialty in contemporary and emerging artists, John Wolf also has vast knowledge and experience in Modern, Post-war, 20th Century and Old Masters. Building collections that appears to have been acquired over generations is our particularly skill-set; likewise, we are passionate about building careers for and encouraging interest in talented emerging artists.

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