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Blue Lobby Exhibit | Aldo Chaparro

March 15 2022

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On view in the Blue Lobby through September 2, 2022 is an installation by Aldo Chaparro. Within the boundary line between design and art, Aldo Chaparro finds the perfect field to explore and expand the limits that separate the latter from other disciplines, making this border his central theme. As a conceptual artist, his work can be placed in the frontier between pure functionalism and art. In his totem sculptures displayed in the Blue Lobby, the stability of the wood joist and steel plates is disguised as fragility and aims to evoke eternal qualities of the materials associated with negative space, ultimately allowing the spectator to imagine the completion of the artwork. Chaparro’s work is in the collections of important public and private collections such as The Jumex Fountaion, Mexico, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami and The Helga de Alvear Foundation, Cáceres, Spain. He lives and works in Mexico City, New York City, and Lima, Peru. For further information please contact John Wolf Fine Art at 310 623-2123 or For PDC art programming information please contact Helen Varola at

Aldo Chaparro (b.1965) is a Mexican artist whose work focuses in the use of sculpture and painting to explore form in post-industrial ways. Chaparro explores form through void, matter and the human body using quick processes to transform prefabricated materials into unique objects. Using elements commonly used for construction, he creates forms in balance by manipulating and subtracting matter.

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