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John Wolf Fine Art


Quality Coins Gallery
7303 Apache Trail, Yucca Valley, CA 92284
August 13 - September 10


Opening reception 6-8 pm, Saturday August 13th


In answer to heat, sweat and unanswerable turmoil, we ask what is it like to surrender to the sweltering circus around us? Rather than maintaining a vice grip, we melt into the fray and witness the humanity that emerges. The summer desertscape of this collaboration invites us to find our own drought resistance, the pulsing life that survives and thrives no matter the circumstance. What are the granular details that magnify in beauty when we slow down and blink with lizard eyes?

Each of these artists offers a unique lens through which to answer these questions and we are privileged to show them together:

Aaron Estrada, Julie Curtiss, Ryan McCann, Mark Posey, Lauren Elder, Vincent Pocsik, Dave Kinsey, Eric Yahnker, Furong Zhang, Jen Hitchings, Zeinab Diomande, Moises Salazar

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